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Audit and Assurances

BVOAudit and Assurances

Statutory Audit

Our audit teams provide audit and assurance services to a number of clients ranging from smaller not for profit organisations and real estate trust accounts to larger New Zealand and foreign corporates.

The audit team uses the most up to date audit methodology and tools to ensure compliance with International Auditing Standards and that the audit is conducted in a well planned, efficient and timely manner.

Our audit staff are experienced accountants who are able to focus on the audit evidence required.

Assurance Reviews

Clients are increasingly finding assurance engagements of value when the shareholders are not involved in the day to day operation of the business, or they do not have the time or financial background to supervise accounting and administration staff. A typical assurance engagement would consider whether key internal processes established by management are being adhered to on a regular, timely and accurate manner. This helps to ensure that the financial information management relies upon is accurate and controlled. The scope of an assurance engagement is agreed up front so that the review is focused on the key areas of the business. A review is also a means of detecting emergency accounting or tax issues so they can be dealt with before problems arise.

For Audit and Assurances advice, contact our Director Alex Houghton