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Business Continuity

We hope you are all staying safe in your bubbles. At BVO, thanks to good planning and some luck, our team are working efficiently from their bubbles, and in these extraordinary times we continue to operate as near as possible to the new normal.

Business Continuity – information to read and consider any gaps you or your business may have

The impacts of Covid-19 on health and business are evolving fast.  Currently, we are prioritising helping our clients who have the greatest need.  So, if you need urgent help, please get in touch.

It is essential that every business has a plan for dealing with the fallout from this pandemic. 

A plan will give you peace of mind and clarity for decision-making for the future of your business, and ensure you access Government support entitlements and maximise opportunities to preserve your cashflow and profitability.  In the worst-case scenario, we want you to have certainty about whether your business can continue and plan around that.

We’ve created some practical content to help you build your Business Continuity Plan.  Please click here to download our Guide and Plan Template.  We have three ways we can help you using our content:

  1. We can send you the templates and you can create the plan yourself.
  2. We can send you our templates and you can draft the plan before meeting with us online to finalise it.
  3. We can create your Business Continuity Plan online with you.