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You may have heard the expression that “wealth is generated and lost within three generations”.  You may even know families where this has occurred. According to Financial Planners we work with, the main reasons second and third generation heirs whittle away the wealth is they have no clue as to the value of money or how to handle it. We hear comments like “it takes the average recipient of an inheritance 19 days until they buy a new car”.

BVO recognise the potential for conflict and upset when wealth isn’t protected and have developed the BVO Family Office for clients who want to avoid inter-generational problems in the future.

Troubles occur when the assets of the parents are divided, and the adult children cannot justify a dedicated wealth manager to advise them on their share of the assets accumulated by their parents.  Each is left to make their own decisions on good versus bad investments. All too often the financial discipline that Mum and Dad exercised is not an inherited trait.

The solutions are to educate the next generation on how to properly manage their inheritance or by passing the wealth intact to the next generation who act as stewards of the estate providing for their generation and generations to come. In either case the BVO Family Office can act to ensure your family’s wealth is maintained across generations by applying the same investment principles and practises adopted by the wealth creating generation (you!).

Many of you may be looking at passing wealth to the next generation in due course, but right now you may appreciate help from the Family Office to manage your financial affairs. Our goal is to free you up to enjoy your lifestyle without having to deal with the administrative burden that inevitably comes with wealth.

The BVO Family Office includes our usual accounting and tax compliance services while also acting as:

  • An independent sounding board for financial decision making, estate planning as well as the inter-generational transfer of wealth
  • A reliable team to manage administrative functions for all family members, giving you the freedom of enjoying your lifestyle secure in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of
  • A central point of contact for a family’s investment advisors, lawyers, bankers, etc

The BVO Family Office is based on a Multi-Family Office model which has been in existence for many years in the United States and United Kingdom.

For further information concerning the Family Office service line please contact one of the Directors.